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Fatherhood Playbook

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As the dad, you might have been somewhat of a spectator for this pregnancy thing, but Coach is about to put you in the game.  So, since Father’s Day is right around the corner, the Preggers team put together a list of tips for new dads – think of it as your playbook.  Like football, parenting is a team sport and Mom needs you on the first string team.  Put on your helmet and pads and keep your eyes open for trick plays.  Kickoff will be here before you know it!


  1. Sleep – Forget about sleep. It’s nothing more than a fond memory.  It may return again in . . . well, it’ll never be what it was.  Your wife has probably already said goodbye to sleep, since housing your offspring often makes sleeping difficult.  And once Baby is here, he’ll be up every few hours to eat – meaning that someone will have to get up to feed him.  If you’re bottle feeding, you should take some of the feedings.  And when you finally reach the point where Baby sleeps through the night, you’ll be so ecstatic, you won’t even notice that you’ve forgotten what sleeping in feels like.  It might be years before you do this again.  PLAYBOOK ADVICE: People have always told moms to sleep when the baby sleeps, but this should apply to everyone in your house.  If your baby is sleeping, SLEEP.  It may be all you get for a while.
  2. Poop – You will spend more time talking about and dealing with poop than you ever imagined. Most parents remember the first time their child had a full blown blowout diaper – the kind the poop goes up the child’s back and out the leg holes of the diaper . . . probably ends up in her hair.  Just know that as you’re cleaning the poop off of everything within a mile radius, one day you’ll be laughing about this.  This and the 18,563 other poop stories between now and your child’s high school graduation.  Okay, we kid, you’ll get it figured out before that. PLAYBOOK ADVICE: Whether you’re going to the mailbox or across the country, always travel with extra diapers, extra wipes and extra clothes . . . for baby, but also maybe for you.  Never know when that blowout is going to happen or where the poop will end up.
  3. Vomit – The baby variety is known as spit up and the very young ones will do this quite a bit. Eventually, they get the hang of things and won’t spit up.  The really bad stuff is when they’re older.  And when one of them says to you, “Daddy, I don’t feel so good,” you have exactly 5 seconds to get your child over a toilet or trash can before the vomit explosion. 5. . .4 . . .3 . . .2. . . .1 PLAYBOOK ADVICE: Be prepared.  If it’s baby vomit, keeping a burp cloth handy is all you’ll need.  If it’s the child variety, I suggest keeping your child in close proximity to the toilet/bucket/trash can . . . and possibly wear a rain poncho.
  4. Crying – Baby’s cry, everyone knows this. But, sometimes it feels like the crying has gone on forever and will never stop. You’ve fed him and changed him and you can’t figure out what could possibly be wrong.  He won’t stop crying and he won’t go to sleep.  PLAYBOOK ADVICE: Strap your little one into his carseat and take him for a ride in your car.  It doesn’t matter where you go – driving around the block will work.  Sometimes the vibrations of the car engine will sooth your baby enough that they will fall asleep.  Hopefully, he’ll stay asleep once you decide to call it a night and head home.  But if not, don’t get frustrated.  Put him down in a safe place like his crib and step away for a few moments of peace.  He’ll be okay if it’s in a safe place and you haven’t gone too far away.
  5. Children’s Shows – Whether it’s princesses and ponies or ninjas and cars, your TV viewing is about to change . . . drastically! Your DVR may be full of episodes of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad right now, but it won’t be long before you’ll be sitting down to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba and Doc McStuffins.  PLAYBOOK ADVICE: Embrace it!  Learn the names of the characters and talk about the episodes with your kids.  You’ll be the coolest dad ever!  We promise you, they won’t be stuck on these shows forever.  Their viewing preferences will improve with age . . . sort of.

Well that’s a good start to your Fatherhood Playbook.  But, a good playbook always needs new plays.  We encourage any experienced dads (and moms!) to add your Plays in the comments or on social media. #preggerspapasplaybook.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads – Rookies and Veterans – from the Preggers Team!

Love Grows Here

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“Lavender’s Blue, Rosemary’s Green . . .”

Spring is here and soon enough the flowers will be blooming – not unlike you, Preggers mamas!  We’re celebrating spring with a site wide sale.  Everything on our website is 25% off between now and April 15.**  It’s the perfect time to pick up some extra pairs of Preggers maternity compression hosiery.  Your legs will feel as good as they look – especially in the beautiful spring colors.

Since you’re blooming, let’s have a little fun!  We’re including an extra special surprise in each Preggers web order placed after March 24 – a special flower seed paper packet!  Plant your flower seeds and watch them grow along with you.

watch_them_growFlower Seed Paper Packets

Historically, individual flowers have held special meaning.  Along with your flower package from Preggers, plant some flowers that represent thoughts and ideas that you have for your growing baby.  Here are a few that give us good thoughts for blooming babies:

Aloe                                  Healing, protection, affection
Basil                                 Good wishes
Chamomile                        Patience
Crocus                              Youthful gladness
Daisy                                Innocence, hope
Heliotrope                          Eternal love
Holly                                 Hope
Honeysuckle                     Bonds of love
Hyacinth                           Constancy of love, fertility
Jasmine                            Sweet love
Lilac                                 Joy of youth
Lily-of-the-valley                Sweetness
Marjoram                          Joy and happiness
Pansy                              Thoughts

Get to planting and share your sweet garden with Baby.  Ready, Set, Bloom!


** Offer ends April 15, 2015.  Excludes 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg, Clearance and Discontinued items.

There are so many things to consider when preparing for a new baby.  If some of your family members are of the four-legged variety, you’ll want to remember them in your planning.

Pets & Bumps



When my husband and I were preparing for our son’s arrival, we had two fur babies at home – our two beloved cats.  I had no intention of giving them up, so I had to make sure that our home was safe for our human baby, and our fur babies smoothly transitioned into the new dynamic.  The first thing I did was to call our family veterinarian.  He said that my questions were common among his patients and gave me a list of things to remember to ensure that everyone in our home stayed happy and healthy.

Tips for pets, pregnancy and baby:

1. No litter boxes, ladies!  First things first. Pregnant mommas should not handle cat litter boxes due to the risk of toxoplasmosis.  Yay!  I gladly handed over this job to my husband (and it’s still his ladies, you never know!).  Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a nasty parasite.  The harm to the already born is pretty minimal, but womb residents are at a pretty severe risk for stillbirth, long-term structural and neurological damage, and other unpleasant things.  Thankfully, the chances of contracting toxoplasmosis from your felines is pretty slim when they are strictly indoor kitties, and especially if they are kept to a diet of commercial cat food.  But, it wasn’t worth the risk, so the hubby is the only litter handler in our house!



2. Visit your veterinarian regularly. There are other things that you can be at risk for while pregnant, so it is always important to make sure that your animals are all up-to-date on vaccinations and have regular visits with their vets. This will help to keep you, your baby, other family members and most especially your pets safe and free of disease.


3. Let your pets adapt . . . Help your animals get used to all the new things associated with baby. My cats love to investigate every new thing brought into our home – especially if it is associated with a new scent.  Let them sniff out and investigate baby gear ahead of time.  They’ll be less likely to investigate later when baby arrives home.

4. . . . But not adopt. Watch for things that they may want to adopt as their own and correct their behavior right away. You may want to teach them to steer clear of baby’s bed, or maybe even the whole room.  My cats tried to adopt a bassinet and a vibrating bouncer chair.  We sprayed them with water each time we caught them sitting in either one to help them understand that these places were off limits to them.

5. Gently introduce Fifi and Fido to Junior’s scent. Use an object to help introduce baby to your fur family. Most vets suggest a hat that baby wears in the hospital or a blanket he’s wrapped in.  (Make sure that it is a blanket or hat the baby used AFTER his first bath.)  Have your partner or another family member bring the item home the day before you and baby arrive and let your animals smell it and get used to the baby’s scent.

6. Never leave baby alone with pets. One important thing to remember is that no matter how much you’ve prepared your animals and how much you trust them, you should never leave baby alone with the animals. It is their nature to act on instinct and you never know when a dog or cat may feel threatened by your child.  Just be safe and make sure you or another adult is always in the room if your pets and baby are together.

7. Desensitize pets to a kid’s roughness. One of my best girlfriends has dogs. For several months before their first pregnancy, they played rough with their dogs – pulling their ears and tails.  They were desensitizing them to what a young child might do.  Their dogs were ready for all the “abuse” a toddler would delve out in the coming years.

baby yanking on dog



8. Provide a safe zone for your pets. Give your animals a safe place to hide. Sometimes, they’ll just need to get away from baby and they need to know there is a place in your house where they can do that.  When my son was a toddler he was very generous with his “love”.  His “love” included regular body slams to his kitties.  Ouch!  Thankfully, by this time, our cats had thoroughly accepted our son and were even somewhat protective of him, so they never returned his “love” with bites or scratches.  But, whenever they had had enough, they knew there were places they could go where he just couldn’t.

With proper preparation and planning, you can create a happy home for the human and fur babies in your life.  And you’ll probably be fostering a love and friendship that will last for years to come.





girl with large dog


For other advice, check out these guides to pets and babies from the American Humane Association and the Humane Society.


The other day I was going through some files on my computer and happened upon some videos of my baby.  (He’s eight now, so I guess baby is not quite the right word, but I digress.)  Anyway, I opened up a video where he is about one month old, laying on his back and cooing, while kicking his legs.  So sweet!

I called him over to watch with me.  It was such a sweet moment, as he thoroughly enjoyed watching himself as a tiny baby.  I realized it’s been a while since we pulled out our videos and photos; and I started thinking about how I REALLY need to organize all the little “memories” that I’ve been keeping.  Why didn’t I do a better job of that when he was little and reaching all of his baby milestones?  Oh yes, now I remember. I had an infant!

So, it got me thinking about ways to make recording the milestones of pregnancy and babyhood easier.  Here are some of the fun ideas that other moms have tried.

Make a Month-by-Month Chalkboard. –   This is a monthly task that with some planning up front, should only take a few minutes every month.  Think about some things that you’ll want to remember, like baby’s weight, height, number of teeth, new words, favorite activities, favorite foods, etc.  Write in a spot for each item on the chalkboard, leaving space to fill in the answers.  Don’t forget to leave a spot for baby’s name and the date.  Once baby is born, fill in the answers to each item at the one month mark, two months, etc.  Then just snap a cute photo of baby sitting by the chalkboard.  After you have a photo for each month leading up to his first birthday, you can put them all together in a cute little book.  It might be fun to do on each birthday for the first few years, too.  And, you could also do this during pregnancy.  Record the week or month, along with cravings, symptoms, etc.  Take a photo of your growing bump in your favorite dress and a pair it with a different pair of Preggers Maternity Tights or Leggings to mark the months as they go by.


Courtesy of The Everyday Momma


Courtesy of EllisonMade on Etsy

Use a Unique Hashtag to Tag all Pregnancy Photos and Baby Pics Online. – Use a cute nickname your little munchkin, or something else that distinguishes her.  Be careful with your selection.  Make sure it only spells or means one thing!

Set Up Baby’s Own Email Account. – You can start this one early in pregnancy, after the baby’s born, or whenever it strikes you.  Send emails daily, weekly or monthly about how you’re feeling during pregnancy, how much baby weighs at three months old and what he’s getting into at 10 months.  Attach photos of baby growing up. (Might be a good place for your chalkboard photos.)  This “diary” of your child’s life as his mother could continue for as long as you like – first day of school, tenth birthday party, new driver’s license, leaving for college, etc.

Memory Box. – Decorate a box for your baby.  Place it by your changing station and use it to store your favorite keepsakes of baby as she grows out of them.  Examples of things to keep: baby’s going home outfit or baptismal gown, baby’s favorite toy during a certain stage, a well-worn book that you will probably know by heart by the time it makes its way into the box.  The Memory Box is part of the nursery, so it’s always in arms reach and you won’t forget to deposit a few items when you think about it.

Use a Tracking Website or Mobile App. – Website’s such as Countdown My Pregnancy will allow you to create an account and personalize the details of your pregnancy.  You can record all the important milestones of your pregnancy, post bump and sonogram photos, and ask questions to other mommas like you.

Happy Mother's Day to our Preggers Mommas & ALL Mommas!

Happy Mother’s Day to our Preggers Mommas & ALL Mommas!


Being a Mom is far from easy.  So we’ve taken a moment to put together a Mother’s Day Wish List from a brand-spankin’ new mom:

  1. Sleep
  2. Sleep
  3. Sleep
  4. Food
  5. Sleep
  6. Food
  7. Shower
  8. Sleep
  9. Sleep
  10. Food
All kidding aside – what is/was on your Mother’s Day wishlist?


Free shipping on all Preggers orders may not be exactly what you were looking for on Mother’s Day but admit it – it’s a plus! 
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Hospital Bag

April 11, 2013 — 4 Comments

For those of you who love to organize, more power tohospital bag you.  On the other hand, packing your hospital bag means your baby is almost here!  Heck yeah ladies!

Below is a list of suggested items to bring along with you on your big day.  Try to include items for you and your partner since this big, exciting event impacts both of you.

  • Picture ID, insurance card, and hospital paper work
  • Birth plan – if you created one
  • Glasses – if you wear contacts
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, hair ties, makeup, etc.
  • Bathrobe, nightgown, socks, or personal gown if you chose to bring one
  • Outfit for going home for you and baby! (Preggers Maternity Leggings for you perhaps?)
  • Anything to help you relax
  • Camera
  • Snacks – for your partner
  • Change of clothes for your partner
  • Money – for coffee or vending machines

That’s our must have list.  If you have a suggestion or we forgot something, let us know!


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Most of us are waiting with baited breath for our little one to arrive; the rest of us are scared silly (myself included).  Regardless, your little bundle of joy will be here before you know it.  That’s when the real fun begins!

For first time (or second or third time) moms, questions about your baby’s well-being will arise.  Not to fret.  We’re here with answers to some of the most frequently asked baby questions.

How much should my baby sleep?

  • Every baby is different and only your health care provider can determine what’s best for your wee one.  Caregivers often recommend 16 hour of sleep a day on average.  When they say average, they mean some babies sleep more, some less.  If you’re concerned about you baby’s sleep, check with your health care provider.
  • Speaking of sleep, make sure you sleep!  The old adage of sleep when your baby sleeps has been around so long for a reason.  It’s true. So, sleep!

How often should I bathe my baby?

  • Bathe your baby as often as you feel necessary, but don’t overdo it.  Their sensitive skin can get irritated easily and it’s not like he’s been out working in the yard all day.  You can always opt to wipe them down with a damp washcloth.


  • Yes, your baby will poop a lot.  They’re eating, sleeping, and pooping machines the first few weeks.  However, if you’re ever concerned about their bowel movement, check with your health care provider.

What do I need to do for myself?

  • Taking care of yourself is often overlooked, but it’s SO important.  Remember to be realistic.  You don’t need to be super woman (and you don’t want to be anyway – she’s boring).  Ask for and accept help.  We know this is easier said than done sometimes, but it really will help.
  • Eat often and well.  Make sure you’re getting enough healthy calories.  You need energy to take care of your newborn.
  • Get some fresh air.  Step outside and smell the roses, literally!  A little sunshine and fresh air will do you good.
  • Although it may seem impossible, try to relax.  Yes, we said the ‘r’ word.  But, please, try and relax!

These are just the tip of the iceberg as far as baby questions are concerned.  To find out more of what to expect from your baby, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  We provide helpful tips and tricks that relate to you and your newborn baby as your pregnancy progresses.

Have a question we didn’t answer?  Let us know! We’re happy to help.

*This is only general information and is not meant for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Always consult your physician or other health care provider about all health concerns, conditions, and recommended treatments.