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My final countdown is on!!! I have less than 5 weeks until my due date with my first baby, so, I thought I would share a few of the things that have helped me get through this pregnancy, well, almost! Now, let me say, every pregnancy and person is SO different.  Some mommies don’t swell while others don’t have pelvic pain. These have been two of my biggest issues.

Below are the three items that made a difference in my pregnancy and I would definitely recommend them to my amputee preggo mommies. (And, I have even included equivalents for my non-amputee mommies.) These are products from Knit-Rite, the parent company of Preggers.

  1. Soft Sock. Well, I actually needed this product before I even got pregnant. Soft socks are used like any other socks.


You wear your socks under your shoes; I wear my soft socks under my socket. Soft Sock fibers wick moisture away from the skin and inhibit odor. The best part is that they feel soft and cuddly worn next to my skin. For me, this is very important, since my skin is much more sensitive now that I am pregnant.

And for my non-amputee mommies, SmartKnit socks are made from similar materials for all those same wonderful reasons.


2. Shrinkers. Like most pregnant women, I’ve gained weight during this pregnancy. Duhh, this is the only time in my life where it is acceptable and expected!!! I am going to do it, guys. Happy Holidays! LOL! But more than anything, I swelled, a lot! I stopped wearing my wedding ring, and my limbs inside my prostheses were definitely more than snug. Unfortunately, I can’t just buy bigger clothes to fit or wear compression tights/socks to help with the swelling. After talking with my prosthetist, he suggested that I wear Knit-Rite shrinkers.


No lies here – I wore the shrinker all night like I was told. The next day I was able to fit into my socket without forcing myself into it. I was sooo happy! It’s not pleasant when you can’t fit into your walking legs – trust me!!! The compression prosthetic shrinker is usually used for control or prevention of edema following amputation surgery, for limb volumetric maintenance, to minimize hypertrophic scarring and to give compressive support for pain relief. But in my case, it definitely helped with my pregnancy swelling and I hope it will continue for the last 5 weeks!

As for my non-amputee mommies, I recommend Preggers maternity support leggings and our Core-Spun socks! They will give you the same effect as the shrinkers while looking fabulous. Aren’t you lucky? 😉


3. Preggers Maternity Support Bands. This is one we can all use!

Since I didn’t gain THAT much weight during this pregnancy, I didn’t think I would have too many back or pelvis issues. Boy, was I wrong. When I was about 33 weeks pregnant, I woke up with so much pelvic pain that I could barely make it to work. I kept thinking something was wrong with me, and I ended up visiting my OB/GYN . She said that this is a normal pregnancy issue, and I just need to wear a belly band to support my belly and hips. There are many types of belly bands out there, but of course I wore a Preggers by Therafirm Maternity Support Band.

IMG_6415 (002).JPG

This seamless garment is made from super stretchy fibers and expands during the varying stages of pregnancy. The supportive band helps ease back discomfort and provide active moms additional abdominal support. And yes, after wearing one of these maternity support bands for a few days, my pain started to go away! It’s amazing how a simple material that supports just a tiny bit of your belly can relieve pain from your back and pelvis.

I can’t imagine finishing the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy without all of these products. Like I said earlier, every pregnancy is different and not all of these products are right for everyone. But they are right for me, and they might be right for you too! Give them a try!


Crackle!  Boom!  Pop!

Are you ready for the 4th of July?!  Make sure your maternity wardrobe is ready, too.  For this U.S.A.-inspired outfit, we decided to dress it down a little bit.  And what says American more than a comfy t-shirt and some jean shorts?  Add a Preggers Maternity Support Band to help support your growing bump.  Finish it off with a pair of cute and comfortable flip flops and some American Flag jewelry and accessories.  You’ll be ready for backyard barbecues and fireworks, galore!

Born in the U.S.A.

Sweet Summer Baby Blues

Keep it cool this summer with a light and airy cotton maternity blouse.  It pairs sweetly with a simple jean skirt.  A pair of Preggers Leggings will help keep your legs feeling energized without adding a lot of extra hot material.  A pair of flat sandals and some matching accessories – in baby blue . . . or pink – will round out your outfit nicely.

Baby Blues

Dressing it Up, But Keeping it Cool

Need to dress it up for all those summer weddings and graduations? You can stay comfortable and cool in a casual summer dress.  The right accessories will add all the “dress” you’ll need.  A black and white striped dress with an adorable black sunhat and black and white bag will make a perfect statement at any summer celebration.  Don’t forget to add a pair of Preggers leggings to keep your legs healthy and feeling great.



Has the crisp, fall air made it to your part of the world yet?  It has made it here and I am so happy to be able to pull out those fall fashions!  Is your maternity wardrobe ready for fall?  No fall maternity wardrobe would be truly complete without Preggers gradient compression hosiery and support products.  Try some of these styles on for size!

Our Preggers Trouser Socks are perfect for the working mama-to-be.  Whether your workplace is business casual or professional, these socks are a classy addition to your work outfit.  Wear a pair of them with your classic black maternity slacks and a high-waisted maternity blouse and you’ll be ready to tackle the business world.  The gradient compression will keep your legs feeling great all day and help your feet from getting too swollen.  Slip on a pair of your favorite heels and finish up the look with a long necklace and a cute coordinating bag.


Make our Preggers Leggings one of your go-to maternity fashion goals!  They are the perfect must-have for fall.  The thicker material will add a little warmth, while also keeping your legs feeling great.  Hold onto your favorite tunics from the summer and layer it with a patterned cardigan.  Add bright colored jewelry and a coordinating bag to give it some pop, and round out the look with your favorite pair of ankle boots.


A little extra support is always nice.  And, since your bump will continue growing, you’ll soon feel the need to add that extra support to your wardrobe – naturally!!  A Preggers Maternity Support Band discreetly gives that support under any outfit.  This fall, wear one under a cute pair of maternity jeans and some layered tunics or sweaters.  Finish up with a comfortable pair of flats and you’re ready for whatever this fall throws at you!  Perfectly comfortable.  Perfectly natural.


Need some USA-inspired outfit ideas to cover that bump?  We’ve got you covered!

Did you know that Preggers Gradient Compression legwear is all made in the USA?  It is!  All of our Preggers legwear products are proudly made in our Hamlet, North Carolina manufacturing facility.  So, wearing a pair of our Preggers leggings with your USA-themed outfits adds an extra dose of patriotism.  A flowing maxi dress will help keep you cool in the hot summer sun and your made-in-the-USA Preggers leggings won’t add any unnecessary heat.  What it will do is give your legs the amazing feeling of gradient compression, which will help increase circulation and energize tired and achy legs.  Add some gold jewelry and a large handbag and you’ll be set for some 4th-of-July fun!!

l (1)

As well as gradient compression, Preggers also offers bump support!  The ultra-stretchy Maternity Support Band is a perfect companion to any outfit because of its super supportive nature.  The band is seamless and made of soft, breathable fibers that help to keep you cool and comfortable.  But, it also fits snug to offer the maximum support for your growing bump.  Speaking of that growing bump, the stretchiness of the Preggers Maternity Support Band allows it to grow with you, while continuing to offer its gentle support.  Wear one under an adorable button-down shirt dress in red, white and blue with some star earrings and a sweet pair of sandals.

l (2)

The rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air.  Going to be seeing any of this in the night sky soon?  I know we will!  But, you know what inevitably goes with rockets and bombs?  Smoke!  And we let that inspire our next outfit idea.  Cool gray smoke is a lovely color for a sweet and lightweight dress that accentuates your adorable baby bump.  Coordinate it with a pair of Preggers leggings in coal to keep your legs feeling great while you watch the fireworks.  Keep the gray theme going by adding a cute pair of gray strappy sandals, a gray bag and earrings.  You’ll be smokin’ just like the rockets!!


Memorial Day is right around the corner, and since it is traditionally the official kickoff to summer, we’ll use it as the official kickoff to your summer maternity wardrobe.  To me, there are three things that are most important when choosing items for a maternity wardrobe – especially a summer one.  And they are: 1) Comfort; 2) Style; and 3) Comfort!  Did you catch that?  Well, anyway, when you add one of our Preggers support garments or legwear to any outfit, you can be assured that you’ll experience comfort and style!  As well as the amazing added benefit of gradient compression – the only compression that is greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases as it gets higher up the legs.  Gradient compression encourages blood flow, which helps with swelling, and generally relieves tired and achy legs leaving them feeling great!

So, let’s dive right in!

Ready for all those Memorial Day barbecues and picnics?  Start with a long tunic of a cool lightweight material.  Preggers Leggings are a perfect addition.  Lightweight and not overly hot, the leggings will add style, the all-important comfort, and the healthy benefits of gradient compression.  Keeping your feet uncovered and in a pair of cute sandals will feel great.  Just make sure they aren’t too restrictive for what could be a long day.  A patriotic manicure will round out your ensemble.

l (1)

Another use for your Preggers Leggings can be under an adorable summer dress.  The leggings will keep your legs feeling great throughout all your summertime activities.  The light, breathable material will help keep you cool.  Paired with a fashionable maternity dress will add style to your little (or big!) bump.  This brown fringe bag completes the on-the-go summer outfit.

l (2)

This is the accessory we think you’ll want to live in!  The Preggers Maternity Support Band is the perfect addition to any maternity outfit.  The seamless, super soft and stretchy garment expands to provide gentle support and comfort throughout pregnancy.  It helps to ease back discomfort and provides abdominal support.  And as your bump gets bigger, we know how important that is!  It can be worn under any outfit, but we think it will be especially nice under a super summer go-to: sleeveless tunic top and a pair of lightweight maternity shorts.  Throw on a pair of sandals and you’re ready to tackle summer!


Date Night Style

March 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

Got any date nights planned with the hubby in the near future?  Now is the time to enjoy some time together before your little darling consumes your nights and days.  Make it special with some adorable date night fashions.  And don’t forget your Preggers legwear to keep your legs feeling fresh and energized for your special night out!

A cute printed dress is a simple and perfect choice for a night out with your hubby.  Worn with a pair of Footless Tights in Winter White or Leggings in Navy from Preggers with give you a sweet and feminine look, while still keeping your legs from feeling tired and achy.  Round out the look with a pair of tan sandals or wedges, matching oversized bag and jewelry.

196 Bump Days

Light & Airy

Need another idea?  How about a floral print maxi dress!  You won’t see them under your maxi dress, but add a pair of Preggers Footless Tights anyway.  The light gradient compression will help keep your legs from swelling, especially in those later months.  Let your toes wiggle in a pair of leather flip-flops, a perfect addition to the maxi dress.  Finish off your outfit with coordinating accessories.

Just Rosy

How about a more casual date night?  A denim maternity tunic pairs adorably with some Maternity Leggings in Black from Preggers.  This sweet look is accented with a pair of black booties and a leather bag.  Add a touch of feminine with a pretty shade of glitter nail polish.  You and hubby will be ready for a fabulous evening!

Keep it Fresh

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means that the hustle and bustle is about to get VERY real.  Soon you’ll be busy baking pies, planning the Thanksgiving menu and making plans to visit the family.  Your days may be long and full of family holiday fun.  Comfort is a must, but you’ll want to look your best, too.  A pair of Preggers Perfect in Pine Leggings or Tights will do just that.  The beautiful and sleek looking pine green color is truly elegant and holiday-esque, but more importantly, they’re comfortable and the true gradient compression will improve circulation and swelling and will keep your legs feeling energized.  They’re a “Perfect in Pine” addition to your holiday wardrobe.  Pair them with a comfortable knit khaki-colored maternity dress, a pair of tan short boots and a tired necklace and you’re ready for any Thanksgiving gathering.  You’ll be so thankful for your energized legs that you’ll be ready for a marathon Black Friday shopping trip . . . maybe!


After Thanksgiving, it’s no time at all before Christmas arrives.  Tired achy legs won’t leave you very cheery for the Office Christmas Party.  But, a pair of Preggers Leggings or Tights in the cool and beautiful steely-gray color of Cosmopolitan Steel will help keep your legs from swelling, as well as pairing nicely with any bold-printed classic holiday party dress.   Silver jewelry and a pair of short black boots will round out this cheery holiday ensemble.


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  But, there is always so much to do.  Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, baking and wrapping, family dinners and Christmas Eve church services.  The sweet holiday color and shimmery beautiful texture of our Preggers Berry Heathered Tights will keep you in the Christmas spirit all season long – and the improved circulation of true gradient compression will keep your legs feeling great, too!  Pair them with a warm and comfortable cream-colored sweater dress, a pair of short black boots and some simple gold jewelry and you’ll be ready for whatever the holidays have in store!  You’ll feel so good, you’ll be singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”