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Is baby shower planning going on around you?  You’re the mama, so it’s time to sit back and let the shower planning happen while you relax.  But, you’ll want to look perfect for the big day.  So, as with most mamas, you’ll have your shower outfit on your mind.

Lucky mamas getting showered this spring can opt for cute and comfortable print maternity dresses.   But, since you’ll be mingling with your guests and opening those sweet baby gifts, you’ll want to protect your legs from fatigue.  A pair of Preggers leggings or footless tights are the perfect complement to your shower dress . . . and one that will keep your legs feeling energized for the long day!  Try one of our beautiful spring/summer colors, silver tights and white or ocean leggings, for a perfect look for this season’s fashion.

Baby Shower Outfits


Another popular option for a more casual shower is a denim dress.  Who doesn’t love denim?!  Preggers leggings and tights in our comfortably cool spring/summer colors look great with a sweet denim dress.  You’ll be adorably cute while your friends and family shower you and baby with love!




Or maybe your theme is PINK!  For a girl, perhaps.  Complete that sweet pink shower dress with a pair of silver knee highs or white leggings.


Pampered in Pink

And while your legs will have that great gradient compression in your tights or leggings, your shower outfit won’t be complete without adding some support for your bump!  Preggers Maternity Support Band, Support Panties and Support Tank Top help maintain correct back posture, prevent lumbar pain and support your growing belly.  The perfect accessory that will keep you feeling fresh and energized, so you don’t have to make an early exit.

Support Garments

Preggers mamas can have their cake and eat it, too . . . shower cake that is!  Happy Shower Day from Preggers!


Ahhh summer!  It will be here before we know it!  The beautiful new Spring/Summer 2015 colors from Preggers by Therafirm are here already!  And boy do they make me think of spending time in the warm ocean waves.  This pair of Preggers Maternity Leggings will help reduce and prevent swelling throughout your pregnancy and keep your legs feeling great all summer long.  And, you’ll be thinking of ocean waves in the beautiful new Ocean color!


White is so clean, sweet and refreshing, and a traditional summer color!  Remember that phrase about not wearing white after Labor Day?  Put on a pair of these Preggers Maternity Leggings in White with your summer sundresses.  They’re so beautiful and comfortable, you’ll want to wear them past Labor Day and your “Labor Day”, too!

White Out

What outfit isn’t complete without a splash of magnificent color?!  Preggers Maternity Trouser Socks in Ocean are sure to be just that.  Match them with a pair of dark colored slacks for the office.  The light graduated compression will help reduce and prevent swelling and keep your legs and feet feeling energized all day.  They’re a perfect accessory for the busy working mama!

New Life


With Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you’re probably planning a date night with your special someone.  If you’re like me, you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect outfit.  And if this is your last Valentine’s Day sans child, you’ll want to make it a memorable one with the perfect ensemble.  Why not a tribute to your love with a sweet Love Bird blue maternity dress.  It’ll match perfectly with a pair of Preggers Maternity Tights in Slate.  Your Preggers tights will keep your legs energized for a night of dancing or perhaps a moonlit stroll through a city park.  Accessorize with a cute pair of ballet flats and some matching jewelry and you’re done! Why do birds suddenly appear . . . ?


Did your hubby get reservations at your favorite classy uptown restaurant for your date night?  Time to get all dressed up!  Pull out that classic little black dress and match it with a pair of Preggers Maternity Tights in Silver.  You’ll look sleek and sophisticated, while the tights keep your legs feeling great all night long.  Add to your look with a pair of black flats and a diamond necklace (a gift from him, perhaps!).  And finally, add a splash of color with a shade of dark red nail polish.  Stunning!


You’re a mommy-to-be now, but you were once a Femme Fatale.  Take a few moments off from preparing for your upcoming role, and remind your man of your spicy romance with a dark red print dress for your date night.  Add a pair of Preggers Maternity Pantyhose in Blushed.  Your legs will look great, feel great and be more energized.  Paint your nails in a color to match your pantyhose.  A pair of black, ankle height boots and gold accents will polish off your look.  Hello Femme Preg-gal!!

Holidays galore are just around the corner!  Plan your holiday gathering attire with Preggers’ curated style guide for this season 🙂

give-thanks So much to be thankful for this season! Celebrate in comfortable style with a warm, jersey hunter green dress, tribal print scarf, a to-die-for bag and of course Preggers tights in silver. Why Preggers tights? Their light gradient compression relieves tired, achy, swollen legs – cooking Thanksgiving dinner or on your feet all day? Get some. Seriously.


maximize-comfortGet comfy this holiday season with a cozy scarf, flowing maxi (not just for the summer btw), some riding-style boots and Preggers tights in Mulberry for an extra layer of warmth & comfort! Preggers tights feature light gradient compression which helps with tired, achy & swelling legs plus support a growing bump!


winter-wonderlandStep out this winter in cool blue tones with pops of sun-shiny yellow/gold to celebrate our winter wonderland & a nod to the hopeful spring! Preggers tights in slate are a great accessory for expecting mommas experiencing tired, achy, swollen legs – they have light compression that helps with circulation and can relieve those common pregnancy symptoms. Plus, they make just about any maternity staple pop 🙂


merry-and-brightBrighten up your maternity wardrobe this season with some colorful accents like Preggers tights shown here in Silver, Slate, Cinnamon, Moss & Mulberry! Preggers tights help with tired, achy, swelling legs during and post pregnancy & are easy to pair with maternity basics for the holidays!


new-beginningsLook ahead with a bountiful floral print this holiday season & say thanks for new beginnings this coming new year. Preggers maternity tights (shown here in Mulberry) are a great asset to any maternity wardrobe because they are not only cute & comfortable but they also support bumps and relieve tired, achy, swollen legs during and post pregnancy!


What’s your holiday style – fussed up & fancy or comfy casual cozy?

Fall 2014 Style Guide

September 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

We are starting to feel a *slight* chill in the air and that means fall is near!!  Get in on the fall fashion action with help from our Fall Fashion Guide.  I’m especially in love with all of the dark florals this season – blooms for mommas in bloom 🙂  Be sure to keep some gradient compression on hand during and after pregnancy to keep tired, achy, swelling legs at bay.

Each set is linked to Polyvore so you can shop and pin-able so you can share!  Preggers Sweet Somethings - Floral for Fall


Preggers It's No Secret - Layers

Preggers Sophisticated in SilverPreggers Spices Up Your BasicsHow do you keep your maternity wardrobe fresh?

Get the Look

Bright, breezy and beautiful. Preggers by Therafirm support bands help you keep your cool with light, healthy support for a growing tummies!

In case you missed these fabulous maternity fashion sets: Prepare for the warmer months with these stunning color palette choices to go along with your Preggers maternity compression by browsing our Spring & Summer colors!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ve whipped up some style inspiration based on our Spring and Summer colors!

“Be Mine” – Complement a budding romance or mature bloom with this simple statement in mauve with our Boho Pink footless tights!

For those Preggers mommas who want to breathe new life into neutral hues, consider pairing with our bold, Shop “Teal” You Drop maternity tights and a two-toned accessory to tie it all together.

Of course we offer more than just tights and footless leggings – Browse all different styles of gradient compression maternity hosiery at!

We are excited to announce our 2014 spring and summer color collection which will be available for order beginning February 1st!

We’ve made sure to include this season’s hottest colors to be part of our warmer month collection: Berry Purple, Sea Foam, Just Peachy, Iris, Boho Pink and Geranium. Add some spice to your wardrobe this spring and summer by choosing any one of these gorgeous, hand-picked shades!

Want to see what Preggers has to offer? Start browsing today!

I’m not one to turn down sweats and a comfy sweater during the winter months but there are times when a bit of style wouldn’t hurt.  Preggers has put together some great winter looks for any Preggers Momma looking to style it up for a day/night.

Wintery Comfort

Not too far of a stretch from sweats & a sweater – I think I can handle this one 🙂

Wintry Comfort


Cozy Casual

Two words that mean the world to many Preggers Mommas.

Cozy Casual


Sassy Sweet

The baby isn’t the only one kickin’ it up a notch with this ensemble!

Sassy Sweet


Dressy Classic

Super cute – love the teal tights from Preggers!

Dressy Classic


Which outfit fits your preggers style?