Keeping Pregnant Moms Cool During the Summer Heat

June 28, 2019 — Leave a comment

My daughter was born during one of the hottest summers I can remember in my hometown of Kansas City.  So, technically it wasn’t the hottest summer on record, probably wasn’t even close, but it felt like it to me.  I do remember repeatedly pulling out my phone and snapping pics of the thermostat on my dashboard when it showed temps reaching 103; 105, even 108 degrees!  That’s hot when you’re not 9 months pregnant.

The first weekend the pools were open, I loaded up my son and headed for the cool heaven of the water.  After 30 minutes of this oasis, I looked over and noticed my son’s blue lips as he chattered, “cccan we ggggo home nnnow, Mom?” Of course, even in the hottest weather, a recently filled pool can still be pretty cold.

So, since a pregnant mama can’t live at the pool until the baby arrives, what can she do to stay cool?  Try a few of these tips to get you through the hot summer.

Stay Indoors in the Air Conditioning When You Can

I know, I know, easier said than done, right.  But, when the temperatures are really high, it’s best to stay in where fans and air conditioning can keep you more comfortable.

Plan Outdoor Tasks Early and Late in the Day

Well, you can’t stay in forever, right?!  When the temperatures are expected to be really high, try to plan any of your outdoor activities for the early morning or evening.  Doing all your necessary outdoor excursions when the day is the coolest will help to minimize time when the heat is the most uncomfortable.

Wear the Right Clothes

Wearing lightweight and loose clothing will help keep you cool, as well.  And it’s best to leave the dark colors at home, too, since they will absorb more of the heat.

Wear Compression for Swelling

The heat will inevitably make you swell.  Help cut down on the swelling by wearing compression.  Preggers by Therafirm has several lightweight options that won’t add a bulky layer to contribute to the heat.  Lightweight Maternity Footless Tights or Maternity Trouser Socks are both great options.

Drink Lots of Water

Everyone from your doctor to the checker at the grocery store is telling you that right now, right?  But trust us on this one – it’s great advice.  The last thing you want to do it to become dehydrated.  So, get yourself a sturdy refillable water bottle and don’t leave home without it!

Cooling Towels or Spray Bottles

Water isn’t always readily available, but it is a perfect way of cooling off.  You can carry a spray bottle with you to spritz yourself when you feel yourself getting too hot.  Or, you could try a cooling towel.  This towel is designed to cool you instantly and will stay cool for several hours.

Use Gel Pads

If you have trouble sleeping, try sleeping on a gel pad.  These pads help cool your body while you sleep.  You can put one in an office chair, too, to help cool you on the job!


And of course, take advantage of any pool time you can get.  Not only is the water cool and soothing, but immersing yourself in water will help to alleviate some of the pressure on your back, hips and joints that your precious little bump gives you.  Swimming was truly the best relief I could find when pregnant with my summer baby.  I think I would have spent the last couple of months living in the water if I could have.


We hope these tips help you to keep cool while you wait for your little one to arrive!  Happy summer.

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