Happy Birthday to Preggers.com!!

October 23, 2016 — Leave a comment

Greetings, Preggers mamas and welcome to our Preggers.com 3-year anniversary celebration!!  That’s right!  Three years ago today we launched our new website – or as we like to say our “baby” was born!

Having a baby and launching a website are similar in a lot of ways, really.

You painstakingly designed your little one’s nursery, making sure every detail is perfect.  That same love and toil went into designing our webpages and making them look just right.

You picked out high chairs, strollers and pack ‘n plays, obsessed over books, toys and bottles and read all the baby books and websites.  We spent time creating miles and miles of code to ensure our pages were functional and easy for you to use.

You lovingly selected sleepers and onesies for your little one to wear.  You washed and dried them and organized them in the closet just waiting for your little girl or boy to come into the world and wear them.  We uploaded mountains of product data into our website and scoured through all of it to make sure it was correct.

And finally, you journeyed to the hospital, labored and gave birth to your precious bundle of joy.  Our “labor of love” ended with the final click of the launch button making our “baby”, Preggers.com, live on October 23, 2013.  We remember the day fondly – it was a beautiful fall day, crisp and clear here in Kansas City.

The last three years have been fun, but not without plenty of growing pains, just like any other “baby”.  But, also like real babies, there have been plenty of happy milestones.

October 2013: First mention in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine after launching our new site


Fall 2013: Launch of Preggers Higher Compression products

December 2013: First new site giveaway

Spring 2014: Launch of new spring seasonal colors after new site launch

April 2015: Launch of Preggers support products


And now we have a three-year-old!  And just like any three-year-old, we know that there will be challenges that lie ahead.  We’re only hoping Preggers.com won’t flush our jewelry down the toilet or engage in a game of hide and seek during our weekly grocery trips!  LOL!

But there will be great moments, too – like when she gives you the sweet handmade card for Mother’s Day or when he learns to write his name or you get through dinner without force feeding her vegetables!  Okay, so we know Preggers.com won’t do these things, but I’m sure by now you’re following where we’re going.

Happy Birthday Preggers.com!!

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