National Multiple Birth Awareness Month

April 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

April is National Multiple Birth Awareness Month.  Multiple births have become more common in recent years due to fertility medications and women beginning their families later in life.  Twins and triplets mean double or triple of everything – double the car seats, triple the diapers, double the bottles and triple the college educations one day down the road.  But, what does it mean to pregnant mothers?  It can mean extra pregnancy symptoms.  You heard that right – more nausea, more tiredness, more heartburn and even more swelling than the average mom pregnant with only one.

Mamas that are pregnant with multiples should take extra care to help control swelling.  Drinking lots of water helps, but so too does wearing compression hosiery.  And since Preggers hosiery was designed with the pregnant mama in mind, they are the perfect must-have for mamas expecting multiples.  Preggers hosiery features true gradient compression, which is compression that delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking.  This promotes better blood flow, which in turn energizes tired legs and feet, improves circulation and helps to prevent swelling.

Another group of “multiple” mamas that might need a little help in the swelling relief and prevention department are the mamas who have done this pregnancy thing multiple times.  It’s not quite what they had in mind with National Multiple Birth Awareness Month, but as long as we’re talking about swelling, it deserves a mention.  Although every mama and every pregnancy is different, mamas who have “been-there-done-that” might be more likely to experience more swelling, especially if they’ve been there and done that several times or if they experienced swelling the first time.

But, don’t pull out that old pair of Preggers you wore with your last pregnancy.  Since compression breaks down over time and loses its effectiveness, Preggers recommends that your compression hosiery be replaced every three to six months.  You’ll want to check out all of our new styles and colors anyway!

Happy National Multiple Birth Awareness Month to all the tired, swollen achy legs and feet out there, and all the mamas who proudly wear Preggers!


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