St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Baby Names

March 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

shamrock-lucky-iconSt. Patrick’s Day is Thursday.  Many people due around certain holidays like to choose names that are inspired by the holiday.  Is anyone due this week and still looking for a name for baby?  How about an Irish name or a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired name?  Here are a few to help you along in your search:

Top Irish Names for Girls


– Pronounced ee-fa, Aoife is another popular name in Ireland that means “beautiful, radiant and joyful”.  In Irish legend, Aoife is known as the greatest woman warrior in the world.


shamrock-lucky-iconCaoimhe – Having the same root and origin as the male name Kevin, Caoimhe means “gentle, beautiful and precious”.  It is pronounced kee-va.


shamrock-lucky-iconCiara – This one means “dark”.  It is pronounced kee-ra in the traditional Irish pronunciation, however see-ara is a pretty alternative.  It has held a spot in the top 5 of Irish baby girl names since 2003.


shamrock-lucky-iconMaeve – Another one inspired from Irish legend, Maeve was a great warrior queen of Ireland.  The name means “the cause of great joy” and is pronounced may-vee.


shamrock-lucky-iconSaoirse – Pronounced seer-sha, this one means “freedom and liberty”.  It has seen a rise in Ireland due to its patriotic feel.


shamrock-lucky-iconSiobhan – Siobhan is the Irish version of Joan and means “God is gracious.”  It’s pronounced Shiv-awn and is a very popular name in Ireland.


Top Irish Names for Boys

shamrock-lucky-iconAiden – A very popular one in the US, it’s also popular in Ireland as well.  Aiden means “born of fire”.  In Ireland, it is usually given as a nod to St. Aidan of Iona.


Darragh – Darragh means “fruitful” or “fertile”. It is pronounced di-re.  This name is very popular in Ireland for boys and girl, however the girls’ version is usually spelled Daire or Dara.shamrock-lucky-icon


shamrock-lucky-icon Liam – The Irish version of William is equally popular in Ireland as it is in America.  It means “strong protector”.


shamrock-lucky-icon Niall – This name means “passionate” and comes from another Irish legend.  It is pronounced nye-al and is similar to Neal or Neil.


shamrock-lucky-icon Sean – This is the Irish version of John and means “God’s gracious gift”.


St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Girls Names

shamrock-lucky-iconClover – An adorable reminder of the 4-leaf clover.  This name will give your baby girl a little bit of Irish luck.


shamrock-lucky-iconErin – This name means “peace” and is a poetic name for the country of Ireland.


shamrock-lucky-iconIreland – After St. Patrick’s adopted country, this one is a beautiful reminder of her birthday.


shamrock-lucky-iconPatricia – The female form of Patrick.  This name means “noble”.



St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Boys Names

shamrock-lucky-iconAnthony – Anthony means “highly praiseworthy”.


shamrock-lucky-iconCeltic – Pronounced kel-tic.  The Celts were the ancient people of Ireland and Celtic was their culture and language.


shamrock-lucky-iconJames – A popular name associated with Irish culture and St. Patrick’s Day.  Jamie is a very Irish-sounding nickname.


shamrock-lucky-iconPatrick – After the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland.  The legend regarding St. Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland is probably just that – a legend.









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