President’s Day and Valentine’s Day Inspired Baby Names

February 12, 2016 — Leave a comment

Any moms out there due around Valentine’s Day or President’s Day?  If you’re still looking for the perfect name, try these Valentine’s and President’s Day inspired baby names!

Baby Girl Names

Abigail – This one is a perfect way to add a Presidential and Valentine’s twist to a name.  Abigail Adams was the wife of 2nd President John Adams.  She and her husband exchanged more than 1100 letters over their lifetimes.


Elizabeth/Eliza/Betty/Bess – A beautiful classic with so many nickname choices.  Several of our first ladies have carried a version of this name including Bess Truman, Betty Ford, Eliza Johnson and Elizabeth Monroe.


Edith – This classic was given some life with the adorable Despicable Me movies, but it was also the name of two presidential wives – Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wilson.


Eleanor/Ellen/Helen – So many first ladies have had a version of this name which means bright, shining light.  How appropriately some of them were named.  Ellen Arthur was a very talented soprano who performed at many New York benefits.  It’s hard to imagine FDR’s presidency without Eleanor Roosevelt, who redefined the role of First Lady.  Others were Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson, and Eleanor Rosalynn Carter.


Jacqueline – Every time I see this one, I think of the poise and grace of Jacqueline Kennedy.


Jewel – We loved this Valentine’s inspired name.  It’s sweet and feminine.


Kennedy – The Kennedys inspired their generation with hope and courage for the future.


Laura – One of our more recent first ladies, Laura Bush carries a name that is truly a classic with a modern feel.


Lily/Rose/Violet – Flower names are classic and beautiful, but also becoming very popular, but unless you’re looking for something very unique, ones of these might be a great fit.


Lucretia/Lucy – Lucretia may be a bit dated, but Lucy is adorably sweet.  Lucretia Garfield and Lucy Hayes were two first ladies during the 1800s.  Lucy Hayes was a supporter of the temperance movement and was nicknamed Lemonade Lucy when her husband banned alcohol from the White House!


Madison – Want to name your little daughter after the father of the U.S. Constitution?  Madison is currently a very popular name, but naming your child such would be an homage to our 4th President, James Madison.


Rachel – This beautiful name was held by Rachel Jackson, the wife of President Andrew Jackson.  When the future president and Rachel were married, she was actually married to someone else.  Her previous marriage had been unhappy and the two separated.  Assuming that her husband had finalized the divorce, she unknowingly married Jackson.  After it was printed in the newspaper that she was still married to her previous husband, Rachel finalized the divorce and quietly remarried Jackson.  Can you imagine if that happened today?


Roma – This one isn’t as obvious as a Valentine’s Day name, but comes from St. Valentine of Rome.  It’s a more subtle way of naming your little one after the holiday.


Ruby – This name from the beautiful red stone is a classic that seems to be gaining in popularity.


Valentine/Valentina – Go for the obvious!  Val and Tina make great nicknames.


Baby Boy Names

Andrew – Two of our presidents have been named Andrew – Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson.  Andrew Johnson was the Vice President under Abraham Lincoln and became President when Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in 1865.


Christian – Did you know that it’s actually called St. Valentine’s Day and that it’s a Christian saint day?  Legend has it that St. Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldier who were forbidden to marry.  How romantic!


Ford – We like this one!  Simple and strong.  Gerald Ford became President after Richard Nixon resigned into the 1970s.


Franklin – Franklin Pierce and Franklin Roosevelt were two presidents that held this name.  It might seem a little old fashioned, but provides an adorable nickname in Frankie.


Grant – Grant is a popular classic for boy’s names.  It never seems to get old.  President Grant served from 1869-1877.


Harrison/Harry – William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison have been the only grandfather/grandson presidents so far.  And there’s also Harry Truman who shares a version of this great name.


Jackson – Jackson is a very popular name for little boys these days.  President Andrew Jackson was a military leader during several early American wars, including the Revolutionary War where he served as a courier at age 13 and was captured and held prisoner by the British.


James/Jimmy – More presidents (6) have carried a form of the name James than any other first name.  They include James Madison, James Monroe, James Polk, James Buchanan, James Garfield and Jimmy Carter.


Lincoln – You can’t go wrong with ever-favorite President Lincoln for your child’s name inspiration.  He made a lasting impact on this nation.


Pierce – We thought this one was a strong sounding name and very presidential.  Franklin Pierce served as president during the 1850s.


Roman/Rome – This one is more subtle, but comes from St. Valentine of Rome.


Teddy – Here’s a great way to grab inspiration from Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.  Teddy Bears, a common Valentine’s Day gift, were so named because of President Teddy Roosevelt.


Thomas – Thomas Jefferson served as third president, but also wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Few presidents have been as insightful and eloquent as Jefferson.


Truman – Take a stroll through Independence, Missouri and you’ll fall in love with the simple grace with which President Harry Truman and his wife Bess lived.  It’s too bad more of today’s politicians are not more like the Trumans.


Valentino/Valentin – A very obvious nod to the holiday or St. Valentine himself.


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