National Chocolate Cake Day Preggers Giveaway!

January 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day!  Now that I have your attention, are there any Preggers mamas out there that would like to have some decadent and delicious chocolate cake to celebrate?  How about three lucky Preggers mamas?  We thought so!


We’re going to give away three delicious chocolate cakes in three days!



Day One – January 27

Up first, Three Layer Chocolate Cake.  Two pounds of chocolate goodness.  This three layer cake is filled with rich chocolate cream, surrounded by chocolate glaze and finished with an elegant chocolate border.  Can’t get more chocolate than that!



Day Two – January 28

Next, Chocolate Molten Cakes.  Yum!  You will get 4 individual 4” flourless chocolate molten cakes – a restaurant staple.  A quick pop in the oven and you’ll get to try one of these babies and have three others to share.  Or, if you want to eat them all yourself, we won’t tell.  And we won’t judge either!



Day Three – January 29

Finally, a Chocolate Mousse Torte.  Can you say death by chocolate?!  This cake is filled with two layers of creamy chocolate mousse, for an incredibly moist and delicious experience.  The cake is finished with chocolate icing and glaze and an adorable chocolate “Love” plaque.



All of these amazing chocolate cakes are purchased from Sherry’s Berries at  Each contest ends at 11:59 p.m. contest day.  To enter, just click on the link below.


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