Ready for Another Great Preggers Giveaway!

January 13, 2016 — Leave a comment

1601_preggers_email_snuggingiveawayWho’s ready for another fun giveaway from Preggers?!?!  We are!  And we hope you are, too!  This week, we’re giving away a Snuggin!  Cute name, right?  But, what is it?

It’s an adorable tool and toy in one.  Snuggin’s creators were inspired by their infant daughter, born in 2014.  They noticed that several simple and everyday baby problems had no real answer on the market.  The four issues they set out to tackle were:

  1. How to keep their daughter from crying when she couldn’t find her pacifier during naptime.
  2. How to keep her favorite toys nearby, so she would not drop them.
  3. How to easily grab all of these important items as they rushed out the door.
  4. How to help their daughter easily give up her pacifier when the time came.

This is how Snuggin was born.  The adorable blue elephant stuffed animal they created solved all these problems.  First, the Snuggin can attach to various baby gear like high chairs, car seats, strollers, etc.  Second, pacifiers and toys attach easily to the Snuggin.  Third, the Snuggin’s back opens up to store extra toys and pacifiers, making it easy to grab one thing when on the go: the Snuggin!  Finally, when it’s time to wean a baby away from the pacifier, they still have their favorite friend at hand to snuggle.

Safety was an important consideration during Snuggin’s design.  It was constructed using all new polyester fibers and a carefully chosen Velcro that is strong enough to hold onto your baby’s toys but soft enough to not scratch your baby’s soft skin. It has also been independently tested to pass the vigorous ASTM F963 safety tests.

Snuggin - 1868Snuggin - 1911

We’re excited to give away Snuggins to three lucky winners!  Each winner will receive one Snuggin, as well as a $20 gift card.  Something for mom and baby!  Enter using the link below anytime between January 13 and 19 for your chance to win!  Learn more about Snuggins!



Snuggin - 1823 Snuggin - 1815 Snuggin - 1795



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