TheraSport Athletic Compression for the Serious Athletic Mama

January 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

It’s January – the month of resolutions and getting healthy!  While the folks around us are lacing up their running shoes and hitting the gym, or the pavement, mamas-to-be don’t have to be relegated to the sidelines.  That’s right!  Most doctors say that in normal, healthy pregnancies, women not only can participate in light exercise, they should!


And how about a little something to give you mamas out there an extra boost.  You already love the gradient compression found in your Preggers legwear.  Like Preggers, TheraSport, another brand offered by Therafirm, delivers true gradient compression as well.  Engineered to help athletes improve circulation and provide more energy for greater endurance and enhanced performance.  The increased blood flow improves oxygenation and enhances athletic performance.  Athletes that wear athletic compression garments may experience less delayed onset muscle soreness, less fatigue, improved performance, less edema post-competition and faster recovery.


TheraSport Athletic Performance and Recovery Socks are the perfect accessory for the athletic mamas-to-be.  Who doesn’t need extra energy – especially soon-to-be mamas?!  TheraSport socks are made with a super soft and lightweight material for exceptional comfort.  A comfortable band provides a non-binding grip to help the socks stay up.  High tech, moisture wicking yarns, as well as breathable mesh paneling and moisture-wicking fibers keep feet cool and odor under control.  A unique “Y” heel stitching helps to keep socks in place.  Additional Achilles and foot protection provide greater support and stabilization.  Finally, a lightweight cushioning helps to absorb shock and protect feet during athletic activity.


So, ladies, you can lace up your shoes right along with the rest of them.  And if you’re needing a few ideas for some pregnancy safe exercises, check out this previous blog post.

But, remember, as with everything, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning anything new.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016 for all the Preggers mamas and their growing families.

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