Back Pain in Pregnancy

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Back Pain

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Chief among complaints of many pregnant women is the infamous back pain.  And it’s no wonder since there are several factors that can lead to pregnancy back pain.  Women typically gain between 25 and 35 pounds in a normal pregnancy.  The added weight that the spine must now support can lead to lower back pain.  Hormone changes can also contribute to increased back pain.  The hormone relaxin kicks into gear to help loosen joints in preparation for childbirth.  This includes the ligaments that support the spine.  The way your body moves also changes as your baby grows, due to an altered center of gravity, and can affect your posture leading to increased back pain.  Changes in abdominal muscles also play a role.

But, fortunately, most mamas can find various sources of relief for some or all of pregnancy-related back pain.  The following remedies are great doctor-approved ways to reduce back pain.

  1. Proper Shoes – Pregnancy is not the best time for high heels. High heels can shift your pregnancy weight directly to you lower spine and hips.  You will also want to avoid unsupported shoes.  Wear a low-heeled and comfortable shoe that includes arch support.
  2. Sleep Position – Sleeping on your side with your knees bent is the most comfortable position for pregnant mamas. Using support pillows (under abdomen, behind back and between knees) while you sleep is also a good idea.
  3. Physical Activity – Regular exercise can help keep your muscles strong, which can relieve some back pain. Swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant women because of the reduction in pressure of the spine.
  4. Support Garments – The right supportive garment will hold your belly up taking some of the pressure off your lower back.

Preggers Maternity Support Tank is a great option for mamas.  Expanding to fit during a full pregnancy, the Maternity Support Tank has a unique design which helps you to maintain correct back posture, prevent lumbar pain AND support a growing belly.  Made with stretchy yarns and knitted into a super soft and seamless garment, this tank is the optimum in comfort.  The smooth, shaping support of the Maternity Support Tank is the perfect undergarment for expecting moms.


The good news about pregnancy-related back pain is that it will likely ease and go away after your baby is born.  Ligaments that loosened up regain their rigidity and are able to better support normal weight.  But, until then we hope the tips above will help to make your pregnancy more comfortable.





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