Support for Back and Belly Without the Extra Layer

August 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

Image of pregnant woman in blue clothes

It’s August.  Raise your hand if you’re hot and pregnant!  Raise your hand if you’re very hot and very pregnant!  No one put their hand down, did they?

Pregnant bellies need extra support, especially in the later months, and bands like Preggers Maternity Support Band give mamas that extra support they need.  And even though the Preggers Maternity Support Band is super soft and super comfortable, no one wants an extra layer around their midsection right now, right?!  What about if you could combine the support of the Maternity Support Band with your regular maternity underwear?  That would be great, wouldn’t it?  The support you need without an extra layer.

Enter Preggers Maternity Hipster Support Panties, which give you all the great support of the Maternity Support band with the coverage of maternity underwear in one layer.  Preggers Maternity Support Panties expand with growing bellies to fit during all stages of pregnancy.  The unique design helps to lift the belly and support the back.  The panties are seamless and are made with super soft and very stretchy yarns providing the ultimate in comfort.


Now if Preggers could only tackle the heartburn, trips to the bathroom . . .

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