Cool Drinks and Summer Mocktails for Preggers Mamas

July 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

Summer is HERE, Preggers mamas.  And with summer comes a few inevitable challenges for the pregnant among us.  As everyone – especially pregnant mothers – is expected to drink lots of water to keep hydrated, we’d like to take this moment to encourage you to drink up!  Water that is.  But, if you’re like me, water gets pretty boring after a while.  So, when you’ve had your fill of the H2O, let Preggers come to your rescue with a few recipes for some summertime cool down drinks that are oh so safe for your growing munchkin!




When it comes time to enjoy your favorite summertime cocktail, try these tasty Preggers “Mocktails” instead.  These fun and refreshing beverages are like the grownup versions you’re used to, but without that shall we say “forbidden fruit” that you need to avoid right now.





Alas, sometimes you just want that certain off-limits beverage, like a cold summer beer or a glass of champagne at the endless parade of summer weddings.  Here are a few substitutes that are almost as good as the real thing!




Remember, Preggers Mamas, drinking plenty of water is always best for you and baby.  But, when you need a little extra, try one of our delicious recipes!  Bottoms Up and Cheers from the Preggers team!

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