Get These Great Colors Now . . . Before They’re Gone!

February 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

Did you miss these fun styles the first time around?  Or maybe you haven’t gotten around to putting together one of these sweet outfits.  Well now’s the time, friends!  We’re making room for our 2015 Spring/Summer colors, so the 2014 Fall/Winter colors have got to go!  We’ve discounted the prices, so pick up a few pairs while they’re still here.



Remember this Winter Wonderland look or Layers?  I’m looking out my window at three inches of snow, with more predicted this week, so there’s still plenty of time to wear these Preggers Maternity tights or leggings in Slate with a winter gray or print dress.  Or, you can save them for spring and wear them with a blue floral print.


Green always reminds me of spring, and I can see spring in this look.  Lose some of the winter accessories from this ensemble and Go Green will be perfect for St. Patty’s Day. (Or if you’re in the Midwest like us, the middle of March could feel like summer or winter!  It’s always a surprise. So don’t put the winter warmth too far away.)  Preggers Maternity leggings in Moss will complement your green attire, “weather” it be winter or spring!

sweet-somethings lighten-up

And what about Sweet Somethings and Lighten Up?  We paired our beautiful Preggers Maternity pantyhose in Blushed with fall floral prints, as well as a black print dress with neutral-colored accessories.  The soft and feminine neutral Blushed would look great with spring florals, too.


And, here’s a new one – Wild Thing!  Who can resist animal print?!  Match your favorite animal print with Preggers Maternity tights in the rich color of cinnamon for a look that’s in season all year long.

Preggers Maternity legwear will keep your legs looking and feeling great.  Graduated compression is recommended for use during pregnancy to energize tired and achy legs and to help reduce and prevent swelling.  What momma wouldn’t want that no matter the season?!  Also, Preggers products are made using our Micro-Cool® moisture-wicking materials, quickly evaporating moisture from the skin and keeping you cool – the perfect way to wear compression in the warmer months.

As an added bonus, when you order online and your cart subtotal reaches $50, we’ll give you an extra 25% off any Discontinued Colors in your cart. Your legs will love feeling so great, and your pocketbook will appreciate the price!

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