Indoor Exercise for Pregnant Mommas

January 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

Brrrr!  The January chills have definitely set in, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay active.  Since regular exercise is important for a healthy pregnancy, we thought we’d suggest a few indoor exercises.  Stay warm, get active, be healthy!

  1. Treadmill Walking

Since walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women, get on the treadmill and move your bod!  Walking isn’t too hard on your knees and ankles and helps keep you fit throughout your nine months, making it the perfect thing for mommas-to-be.  But, maybe the treadmill isn’t your thing.  Many gyms and health clubs have an indoor walking track.  Or, you could join the retired set and do some mall walking.  Stop in to the baby boutique and get a cute new outfit for Junior while you’re out!


  1. Yoga

Yoga helps you to stay flexible and maintain muscle tone.  With little impact to your joints, it’s a great way for mommas to stay fit.  Look for yoga classes at your local gyms.  Your doctor may even be able to help you find a maternity yoga class.  Experienced yoga moms can even do yoga in the living room.  No need to go out in the cold air!   Check out this previous blog post on Prenatal Yoga.



  1. Pilates

Pilates can help your body with flexibility, strength and endurance.  You’ll need these skills later, why not practice them now! Like yoga, look for Pilates classes at your local gym or try it out at home.


  1. Low Impact Aerobics

Another class-focused exercise.  Aerobic exercise tones your body and strengthens your muscles.  You won’t just need toned muscles for birth, but you’re getting ready to be carting around a little one and the ridiculous amount of gear that comes with these tiny people.  Tone those muscles now, while you have the chance.


  1. Swimming

I know we’re looking for indoor activities, but there are lots of community centers and YMCAs that have indoor pools.  Swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women due to the cardiovascular benefits, as well as the feeling of weightlessness.  Ah the feeling of weightlessness!  You want to go swimming right now, right?!  Just make sure that after swimming, you dry off fully, including your hair, before going out into the cold.  That’s what my mom always said anyway.


  1. Dancing

You know that phrase, “Dance like no one is watching”?  Okay, you may feel like you don’t want anyone to watch you dance right now, but what a better way to have fun and get some beneficial exercise.  Just turn on your favorite tunes and dance it out in your living room.

Remember to throw on a pair of Preggers compression leggings or tights with your workout gear.  The gradient compression offered in Preggers will help to increase circulation – an important benefit during your workout and always.  True gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking promoting better blood flow to help energize tired legs and feet, improve circulation, and assist in the prevention of swelling. And, with everything, be sure to consult your doctor before trying any new exercise activity.  Your doctor will help you determine if these exercises are indeed a good idea for your unique circumstances.




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