Make Your Spring/Summer Clothes Work For You Now

January 15, 2015 — Leave a comment


I love that in my family, we all pass around maternity and baby clothes from sister to sister to sister-in-law; sometimes cousins even. Recently, one sister-in-law, whose growing belly was ready for some room, opened up a box of maternity clothes from her sister and found a beautiful summer maternity dress that she was excited to wear. But, it’s January and the thermometer hasn’t spent very many days above the freezing mark. So, what to do? Turn that summer dress into a cute winter outfit! First, she added a pair of Preggers Maternity Tights in mulberry.  She’s a teacher and on her feet throughout the day, so the Preggers tights will help prevent swelling and keep her legs feeling great. Next she grabbed a cute black shrug woven with metallic yarn. Then, she topped it off with a pair of black ankle boots and a maroon knit infinity scarf. Perfect! And this summer when things heat up and she’s at the end of her pregnancy, she’ll lose the extras and match the dress with a pair of sandals and a Preggers Support Band.  She’ll need it by then!


You’re a momma-to-be and good things are coming your way, so don’t let the winter blues get you down. When life gives you the blues . . . make some blueberry lemonade? I don’t know about that, but I do know that turning your adorable summer maternity dresses into great winter outfits is easier than you think. Like this sleeveless, full length maternity dress in blue and white. Add a pair of Preggers Maternity Tights in navy. The light gradient compression of Preggers tights will help prevent swelling, increase blood flow and energize your tired and achy legs all the while keeping them warm. That’ll chase those blues away for sure! And for more warmth, add either a navy cardigan shrug sweater or a navy cropped jumper sweater. Cute! Accessorize with shimmery blue striped wool scarf, a pair of blue leather gloves and navy blue slouchy beanie hat.  Look out winter! You’re going to give the Winter Blues new meaning!


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