Going Green For Baby!

April 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

Why “go green” for baby?

Paying it Forward. Our parents are our biggest role models, regardless of their habits. So when you make an example of eco-friendly living to your little one, you’re more likely to pass the same trait to your little one too!

Why not? As we’ve learned more and more about the effects we have on our environment, we’ve also become a more of an environmentally conscious society than ever before. Fortunately, this very fact has helped make it is easier and more affordable than ever before to “go green.”

Where Can I Go To Purchase Green Baby Gear?

Eco Baby Gear | Full of all kinds of items from baby clothing, bottles and walkers to toys, decor and even goodies for mommy. They also offer classes & events for things like feedings and baby massages at the brick and mortar location in Portland, Oregon.

Baby Earth | Although similar to the resource listed above, Baby Earth also offers all-organic health and hygiene items like laundry detergent, dish soap and biodegradable bags. Besides eco-friendly products, they also have a lot to offer for children ages 0 to 4 years old.

Organic Baby Gift Boutique | Great for things like nursery decor & furniture, toys, diaper bags and a ton of accessories. They also have an active gift registry and online gift cards available. Visitors can check their “Best Sellers” and “Sale Items” tab for the latest deals.

Branch | Branch doesn’t just offer eco-friendly toys for your little one(s), but several other items to help turn your whole home green!

Erbaviva | Luxurious, eco-friendly lotions, creams and oils for mommy-to-be (and later, baby!) Suckers for aromatherapy, beware!

Plum Organics | For little ones of all ages, Plum Organics has a wide variety of yummy, organic snacks and drinks with all kinds of nutritional benefits. You can locate a store near you or shop online. They also have a brief section of neat resources you may find helpful.

Many of these online retailers ship anywhere in the U.S., but be sure to always check. A few of them also provide registry services and online gift cards, making it simple for friends and family to know what items to get.

Additionally, you may be happy to know that many of these retailers use “green” shipping methods by using recyclable packaging too!

What Can I Do To Still Be Eco-Friendly Without Breaking the Bank?

With a new baby comes all kinds of new expenses, and depending on what retailers are available to you, not every mom is able to afford the luxury of purchasing organic or environmentally-friendly items. Fortunately, there are things you can still do to help reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank!

1) Conserve energy by setting your laundry wash cycle to a colder temperature.

2) Buy used items or items with little packaging.

3) If you still want to eat organic produce, you don’t necessarily have to go to an all-organic grocery store.

4) Even if something is turned off, it continues draining energy and costs you more if it is still plugged in – So unplug things that aren’t in use!

5) Do a search for “life hacks” or “DIY” on Pinterest – There are literally tons of projects & instructions littered all over the place just ready for you to dive right into.

Remember that green living is more affordable and accessible today than it’s ever been. And even if you can’t afford to go all-organic for your little one, you still have ways to save a little green for yourself while saving a little more green for the environment too!

What inspired you to go green for baby? What eco-friendly steps have you already taken (or plan to take) in preparation for baby? What advice do you have for moms-to-be new to the eco-friendly lifestyle?

This is only general information and is not meant for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Always consult your physician or other health care provider about all health concerns, changes in diet, and/or recommended treatments.

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