Preggers Style Guide – Winter Looks

December 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

I’m not one to turn down sweats and a comfy sweater during the winter months but there are times when a bit of style wouldn’t hurt.  Preggers has put together some great winter looks for any Preggers Momma looking to style it up for a day/night.

Wintery Comfort

Not too far of a stretch from sweats & a sweater – I think I can handle this one 🙂

Wintry Comfort


Cozy Casual

Two words that mean the world to many Preggers Mommas.

Cozy Casual


Sassy Sweet

The baby isn’t the only one kickin’ it up a notch with this ensemble!

Sassy Sweet


Dressy Classic

Super cute – love the teal tights from Preggers!

Dressy Classic


Which outfit fits your preggers style?

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