Let’s have a S-L-O-Wvember

November 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Winter PregnancyJoin us for a Preggers Slowvember*: a month of slowing down using the acronym S-L-O-W as a guide.

S – is for ‘savor’. This is an invitation to appreciate the
time we have and the things that lie before us. Rather than
rushing through something or getting aggravated, we are
invited to savor the richness life presents.

L – is for ‘listen to your inner clock’. With everything
happening fast and being immediately accessible through
smartphones, ‘listen to your inner clock’ invites us to do
things at our own (leisurely) pace. No need to rush and
hurry and create a frenzy in your soul and the world around

O – is for ‘others before technology’. Skype, Twitter,
Facebook, email, etc. don’t count for quality interactions.
When you are at the dinner table, be present. When you are
talking with your family, be present. When you are by
yourself, reading a book or enjoying a sunny afternoon, be
present. Real people, including yourself, must come before

W – is for ‘will this matter a year from now’. As David
Hochman wrote, this one was “…the ultimate test of every
activity and experience.” The invitation is to ask ourselves:
will this matter in a year? How many things do we do
under the tyranny of the urgent that, in the end, don’t matter
now and definitely won’t matter a year from now. By
asking ourselves this important question, we are invited to
discern and attend to the important in the midst of the

I think we can all agree that sometimes life gets hectic – especially when you are expecting.  What will you do to slow down this precious time?

*I read about this concept in Spirit Magazine – if I could find a link or the author I would share it but I searched and searched and came up empty!

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