Non-Maternity, Maternity

June 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Maternity clothes, when you think about how long you wear them, can end up breaking the bank.  The key is to find items that will work in as many stages as possible – early, mid, late or post-pregnancy.  Shop versatile tops, skirts & pants that will grow with you and compliment your bump.  Accessories are a great tool to spice up your looks during and after maternity!

Non-maternity, maternity

We designed our Preggers products to be worn throughout and post-pregnancy because we know the importance of getting the most out of a maternity wardrobe.  Our fashionable, sometimes colorful, tights, leggings and footless tights are great accessories to staples like skirts, dresses & long tunics.  Preggers maternity support band is the ideal accessory for that extra bit of support for your expanding bump.

What’s your favorite non-maternity, maternity piece?

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