Gender Revealing Madness

April 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

THE Gender Reveal

With the advancement of modern health technology comes the evolution of the anticipation of delivery room hollers of “It’s a…”  This moment, for those who so choose, can come quite a bit sooner – around 20 weeks gestation.  Some continue with a traditional announcement, calling friends/family (are Facebook updates “traditional” now too?) – and some plan an all-out, creative vision now dubbed the “gender reveal.”  Today’s gender reveal can be in the form of parties, clever photos, etc.  The imagination is your only limit.

Preggers has collected the craziest, most unique, and interesting to say the least baby gender reveal ideas!  From blue and pink silly string to the standard reveal cake, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration on our “We’re Having A…” Pinterest board.  Like you didn’t have anything else to do…nursery planning, baby registries, nesting 🙂

We're Having A...

Preggers Pinterest Board: We’re Having A…

How about you? Tell us you or a friends wackiest gender reveal idea!

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