Preggers & Balboa Baby Present the Spring Fever Giveaway!

April 15, 2013 — Leave a comment
Spring Fever Giveaway

Spring Fever Giveaway presented by Preggers & Balboa Baby

It’s officially SPRING baby!!  Preggers & Balboa Baby decided to celebrate with a Spring Fever Giveaway worth over $200!  One lucky Preggers momma will get their choice of two pairs of leggings, one maternity support band and one pair of trouser socks & Balboa Baby is sweetening the pot with three products in their super adorable NEW Retro Flower print for spring.

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Spring Fever Prize Package

  1. Retro Flower Bib: Embrace the mommy motto: Be prepared…for spills, dribbles and more, with this stylish two-piece bib set. The Balboa Baby Bibs are soft and absorbent, and backed with 100% cotton terry cloths. The bibs comfortably fasten with a Velcro closure in the back.
  2. Retro Flower Tote: Mommas on the go love the stylish Balboa Baby Tote Bag perfect for excursions near and far. Huge plus – this bag is machine washable and dryer safe!  The quilted fabric is extremely soft to the touch, yet the high quality construction helps it maintain its shape. Seams inside and out are reinforced with an extra layer of binding which serves as a functional detail and design.
  3. Retro Flower Car Seat Canopy: Baby car seat covers are a great alternative to throwing a baby blanket over the car seat.  I can’t tell you how many a baby blanket has been kicked, blown or pulled off and into messy terrain whether it’s mud, snow, dirt or rain.  Enter Balboa Baby’s Car Seat Canopy with it’s functional design and cute NEW Retro Flower pattern.
  4. Maternity Support Band: Nothing says pregnancy like back discomfort or the feeling your belly is going to give out.  The Preggers Maternity Support Band was designed to help ease that back discomfort that is so common and also give active mommas a little more support for their growing bumps.
  5. Support Trouser Socks: These aren’t your average dress socks ladies.  Preggers Trouser Socks are enhanced with a light gradient compression that assists in healthy circulation, preventing and reducing mild swelling and relieving tired, achy legs.
  6. Maternity Support Leggings: Maternity leggings are a great wardrobe staple but these maternity leggings have that extra something: true gradient compression.  As noted above, the light gradient compression in Preggers leggings is designed to increase blood flow which helps with mild swelling and also relieves tired, achy legs.  Preggers Leggings are great during and post-pregnancy; the belly panel is comfortably supportive for a growing belly and can be pulled up and over ’em or folded down and below.

Enter using our Rafflecopter giveaway

Tell us, what are you most looking forward to this Spring??  Getting some fresh air while preggo or strolling with your new bundle perhaps?

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