Is your man woman enough?

February 22, 2013 — 1 Comment
Man in Empathy Belly

Benjamin Percy wore an “Empathy Belly” for nine months & wrote about it for GQ.

This guy spent nine months wearing an empathy belly.  Nine months in a contraption “ribbed with stitching, and made from nylon thick enough to bend a butcher knife. Its breasts are as round and hard as tennis balls. And the belly beneath them swells with a giant gel dome zippered into a sleeve,” in his words.  My husband tried an empathy belly all for about 2 minutes so when you put it in perspective…it’s pretty impressive.  Although I doubt the belly simulated swelling or trying to put on maternity tights.

What pregnancy symptoms do you think he missed out on?

One response to Is your man woman enough?


    throwing up and kicking the ribs 🙂

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