Knocked-Up Fitness Q&A

February 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

We asked our Preggers Facebook fans what questions or concerns they have about exercising and fitness during pregnancy and asked Erica at Knocked-Up Fitness to provide her professional advice.  Check out her answers below and be sure to leave us some more questions for her!

“I am having a lot of back pain, what exercises should I do???? I’m 7 months!” – Kimberly

This cat cow exercise is great to help relieve pressure from your low back while also working your deep core muscles.

Squats can help open up & release tight hips which can be related to low back pain because tight hips can cause tight back muscles. When doing squats keep your weight in your heels so you feel your butt doing most of the work vs. all in the tops of your thighs.

“I’ve been working out a tleast 5 days a week for 45 minutes cardio. Can I do that up into I give birth?” – Ashley

Absolutely! As long as you feel good working out that much, keep it up. You may find you have to slow down as your pregnancy progresses but you can continue to work out that long. Listen to your body & it will tell you if you need to slow down or take a break. As always be sure to talk with your doctor if you have any concerns with exercising during pregnancy.

“I’m scared ill over do it and damage my abdominal muscles that are already stretching!!” – Jamie

You can overdue abdominal work, avoid crunches once you can see that your belly is popping out, usually around 12 weeks for most women. Sooner if it’s your 2 or 3rd pregnancy. Change your focus to strengthening your deep core muscles (pelvic floor & transverse abdominals), do your kegels with all exercises. Allow your abdominal muscles to stretch as baby grows. Cat cow exercises are also a great exercise to stretch & strengthen your abominals

Here’s a video explaining how to activate your deep core muscles while doing a cat cow exercise- kegels!

More pregnancy exercise questions? Leave a comment with your questions!

Erica Ziel is creator of Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal & After Baby DVD sets. For more info visit

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