Cake Lingerie; The Maternity Specialists

February 4, 2013 — 50 Comments
Cake Lingerie Shortbread Bra & Brief

Shortbread Bra & Brief

Maternity Specialists, Cake Lingerie, are pioneering the future of highly constructed and beautifully designed, maternity/nursing lingerie and nightwear.

Cake Lingerie empowers women with a variety of fashion driven and everyday products that are comfortable and supports a changing body.

With six uniquely developed product segments, Cake Lingerie is committed to make women feel ‘Beautiful from the inside out’:

  • Flexible wire bras
  • Non-wired soft cup bras
  • Contour convertible bras
  • Seamless transition bras
  • Fuller Figure product
  • Nightwear

Their products consist of 3 ranges including, Fashion, Versatile and Nightwear, to ensure a style for every occasion, need and preference to suit the wearer throughout pregnancy and post birth.

Cake Lingerie is an Australian based, international designer brand founded in 2008 when Creative Director, Tracey Montford, yearned for beautiful lingerie during her first pregnancy. Her dream was to create lingerie to make women feel like a woman, not just a mother or mum-to-be.

With astonishing attention to detail, soft, luxurious fabrics and impeccable designs to flatter any bust line, Cake Lingerie is the essential brand for expectant and nursing mums.

Cake Lingerie products are available in sizes 10B- 18J and S to XXXL.

Pregnancy is a slice of life, and better with a piece of Cake!  Like Cake Lingerie on Facebook.


Cake Lingerie gives you the opportunity to WIN a Shortbread maternity bra and brief set.  Available in sizes 10B-16FF and S-XL brief.

TO ENTER: Comment below on what makes you feel like a woman and not just a mother or mum-to-be.  Entries will be accepted 2/4/2013 – 2/10/2013 11:59 CST with the winner announced Monday, February 11, 2013. Official Rules.

Good luck!

50 responses to Cake Lingerie; The Maternity Specialists


    I know you dont need a man to make you feel like a sexy woman, but when I slip into something cute and comfy, the way my husband looks at me. Well that makes me feel like a woman.


    Getting a manicure/pedicure puts me in a good mood, and makes me feel like a woman.


    I find it strange that anyone should be expected to separate their identity as a parent from their whole selves. The knowledge that I’m a woman makes me feel like a woman, the way I relate to my body is in the feminine.


    Im pregnant with tripletts due in July. My husband tells me how sexy it is that im carrying his babies. Thats the only thin g that makes me feel sexy these days.


    Even though I may be pregnant I still like to look for some lingerie that makes me feel sexy…


    Eating chocolate and watching Lifetime makes me feel like a woman lol!


    Flirting with my husband makes me feel sexy.


    having a decent-looking maternity wardrobe even when I’m as big as a house!


    My boyfriend and the daddy-to-be makes me feel like a woman. He looks at me with the same love and admiration that he has from the beginning, and probably even more so now. He makes sure to let me know every day that I’m not just beautiful, but I’m beautiful for carrying life inside of me. I’m on the younger side, 23, and it’s still slightly difficult for me to see myself as a woman instead of a girl. He makes me feel like a woman, and more importantly, that I can handle anything because I am a woman!


    i would have to say that being loved and wanted by my husband (even after 2 kids) makes me feel like a woman.


    Lip gloss & heels ( most important the way my husband makes me feel beautiful even when i dont ) & nursing my son


    Just getting a shower, being able to fix my hair and put on make-up! Most days I have to skip the make-up unless have time for a princess party with the two year old in the bathroom! With, or without the hair fixed and the make-up, my husband still tells me I look great!


    Undergarments which do not need adjustment.


    Strappy stiletto heels … can make any outfit sexy

    Tatiana Knowles February 6, 2013 at 9:22 am

    when i catch my hubby staring at me with that sparkle in his eye! I know were still deeply in love even after two kids!! 🙂


    Would so love to win this. I bought some new bras then shortly after, I became pregnant and now just two months later my girls don’t fit in them anymore. 😦


      Oops I guess I got up too early because I misread on what we were supposed to comment. Lol. So let me try again….

      What makes me feel like a woman is when I get all dolled up and feel like a million bucks, and can feel my husband’s eyes following me across the room. He always makes me feel beautiful too by whispering sweet comments in my ear.

    Ariel Mansfield February 6, 2013 at 9:25 am

    This is really cool. I’m pregnant with my second child and really didn’t know there was pregnancy lingerie. So hope I win:)


    LOVE to have a bubble bath with a small glass of wine when the kids are in bed


    Being a supportive backbone for my husband and a comforting teacher to my children


    I am expecting my 5th, and when I saw this picture and outfit I instantly wanted to pull my credit card out. It’s very hard to feel “sexy” when your pregnant and when I express these feelings to my SO, he instantly reassures me that I am beautiful and sexy no matter what. As a woman, you need to feel sexy and confident every day and I feel that is what keeps me going as a woman. It’s the little things in life that make a difference.


    My wedding ring, my husband touching my long hair, lace and silky materials, and high heels are things that make me feel like a woman.


    It’s hard for some women to feel sexy when pregnant but it helps when your man tells you all the time. Getting a massage makes me feel so much better. Also my 4 yr old telling me I’m beautiful. ❤


    Being able to do little girly things for myself like.. Mani/pedi, getting my hair done or just shop for a cute wallet makes me feel happy, cute and sexy!!.


    My husband is constantly giving me compliments just like before I was pregnant. I enjoy treating myself to massages and mani/pedi though just to help keep up my confidence and appearance too.


    Having an outfit that makes me feel beautiful, and seeing my husbands head turn as I walk by.


    What makes me feel like a woman is feeling my hunnys arms wrapped tightly around me hands on my belly and he whispers telling me he loves me and that I am beautiful!


    Embracing my curves, regardless of how big they may be, makes me feel like a woman.


    Feeling sexy sometimes!


    The thing that makes me feel like a women is knowing how beautiful I am, embracing my body and having him love me even more for it.

  30. February 7, 2013 at 9:37 am

    My confidence and strength both physically and emotionally make me feel like a woman. No one can find balance in life like a woman!


    Just being comfy in an oversized t-shirt and shorts with my belly sticking out makes me feel amazing and invincible =)


    After taking a nice warm shower then stepping out and into a comfortable and sexy piece of lingerie as long as it fits around my sexy baby bump and approach my husband just to see that look he gives me when I dress up for myself makes me feel like the sexiest woman ever


    My children make me feel like a woman!


    I can be huddled up at home, feeling like a frump because I’ve been wearing sweatpants all day, my hair is a mess, but my husband will come home and the first thing he says when he opens the door is “Hello, beautiful!” everyday.
    And then, when I “dress up” to go out, my wardrobe is becoming more limited due to being in that last month, but a nice sweater and my hair looking awesome makes me feel beautiful and not-so frumpy.
    And sometimes, just to balance that I eat some cake. And the world is a better place. =]


    What makes me feel like a woman, is that even though Im 21 with 2 kids , 2 step children and another on the way… I may not feel up to getting dressed up like I used to, I may not think about shaving my legs all the time lol , I may not wear makeup everyday… but my husband still tells me that I am beautiful … he always makes me feel like the most special woman in the world to him and that not only am I a good mother… He makes me feel like an amazing wife :] I dont feel my age at all… I feel much older because of being a mother, although I feel my age when he makes me remember that I am not only a mommy :] My favorite thing in the world is being a Mommy, it has always been a goal of mine to be the best mommy ever , that I would put my children’s needs over mine! Although – I am so very thankful for the best husband in the world who makes me know that no matter what… Im always beautiful and special as a woman , and not just a mother ❤


    Providing for my family, loving them, spending time with and making sure all their needs are met makes me feel like a woman.


    When my husband tells me I’m still sexy…pregnant or not. 😉 That’s every day!


    Well being pregnant for the third time definently makes me feel like a woman! Actually, even more so than while I’m not pregnant. Feeling sexy and beautiful is a whole other story. Sexy lingerie, cute outfits, a good hair day and make up make me feel beautiful. When my love tells me I’m sexy or compliments my curves is when I feel like the sexiest woman to ever carry a child.


    Those 5 minutes before I get into bed and I take care of just me; apply lotions, etc.

    Jennifer Schmiege February 9, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    One of the major things that makes me feel like a beautiful woman is when my husband comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me and says he loves me more and says I’m more beautiful now than when we first got married, it’s one of the most wonderful feelings in the world besides being a mother


    Knowing my beauty is what makes me feel like a woman!! From the tips of my hair to my big heart right down to my strong will is what makes me the woman I am! 🙂


    My husband makes me feel like a woman. The way he holds me, or kisses my neck from behind, or how he puts his hand on my face to kiss me goodbye so he can go to work. Just yhe little things here and there that he does or says or how he looks at me makes me forget that im a mom just in that moment, until of course either the 2 yr old comes crying to me or the new baby kicks my ribs lol but i cherish those momments everyday


    Being pregnant for the first time I feel down sometimes thinking “oh man i’m gonna get fat” but then I think about it and as I get farther along I love it even more and know that there is a baby in there, i’m not getting fat. I feel like a women all the time in that my husband loves me for me, we dont do anything special just the look in each others eyes makes me happy whether i be pregnant or not. I could just wake up and he tells me i’m a hot momma, that just makes my day!

    Liza R. Martinez February 10, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Being pregnant with my 4th n finding clothes that make me feel Sexy n Confident. 😉 ♥


    i feel like a woman when my husband touches me


    what makes me feel like a woman got to be my everyday living liking working, cooking for my son, cleaning the house and having those moments as a family that makes me look back at myself and see how much ive growned… I have to say that is what makes me feel like a woman…. due on June 14th 2013 🙂


    Being fun for my hubby and family and cooking what they enjoy and being there for them.


    Congrats Karen G! You’ve won the Cake Lingerie Giveaway provided by! Email us at and we’ll coordinate with Cake Lingerie to get you your prize 🙂

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