I Once Dreamed…

November 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

I once dreamed I was in a land of marshmallows and I was eating them and eating them and then I woke up and my pillow was shredded!  Har har har – I think my father told my brother and me that for years!  Wasn’t funny then and it really isn’t that funny now.  In fact, I was terrified I would eat my pillow in my sleep for a few months after I heard this tale the first time.  I was a pretty nutty kid – some would say I still am.

Anywho, having wild dreams, such as eating your marshmallow pillow, are common during pregnancy.   There are a few theories why.  First, some think since your hormones are raging so are your dreams.  Others think that since you’re up so many times during the night while pregnant, that dreams are just fresher in your mind.  Often your dreams will relate directly to your trimester in pregnancy, the changes you are experiencing and your apprehension about your new baby.  They may be happy, exciting, or sometimes scary.  Regardless of the content, wild dreams during pregnancy are common and will last until your little one is in your arms.  So sit back, relax, and embrace the dreaming!

*If you’re ever concerned about your dreams, talk to your healthcare provider.

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