Workin’ It Out in the Office

November 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Exercising during pregnancy helps – no doubt about it – but finding the time to exercise can be a challenge.  If you’re a busy working momma, finding 15 minutes to exercise is usually a stretch.  But, it’s important to carve out a few minutes a day to exercise!  Exercise during pregnancy helps to boost energy, improve sleep during pregnancy, and possibly speed your post-partum recovery.  Before you start an exercise program, be sure to check with your health care provider.

Here are a few quick tips on exercising at the office while pregnant.  Don’t work in an office?  Don’t worry!  These quick exercises are great for any busy mom on the go!


First, wear good shoes!  If you’re going to be walking (for exercise) be sure to slip your tootsies into good, supportive shoes.  If you’re in your third trimester, try to walk on level ground.  As your center of balance shifts, try to avoid any situation that may make you unsteady on your feet.

Work in an office and get a lunch break?  Walk laps around the building for 15 to 30 minutes and squeeze in a little exercise.   Walk with a friend and make it a social event or pop on some head phones and jam out.

If you’re out running errands or pulling up to work, park a little further away than you normally would.  Skip the closest parking spot and sneak in a little extra exercise.

Instead of sending an email to a coworker, get up off your rear, walk over to their desk, and have a face to face conversation.  Of course, this only works if your coworker is in the same building as you!


Be careful stretching!  You can overstretch during pregnancy, so be cautious.

Upper body stretches. Stretch your arms straight up over your head or stretch your arms straight back behind.

Hamstring stretches. Sit on the edge of your chair and stretch your leg out straight while pointing your toe upward.  Slowly and carefully bend over at the waist to stretch out your hamstring.


They’re easy to do at work (or really anywhere) since no one knows you’re doing them!

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