A Bonafide Baby Scientist

October 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

Months of being pregnant culminate in hours of labor and years of happy children.

However, there is a small window between labor and happy children that sometimes get overlooked. We refer to it as the baby scientist period. What’s that, you ask? We’ll explain!

Shortly after your wee one is welcomed into the world, it’s time to leave the hospital and go home with your baby. And, some mommas, especially first time mommas, may begin to worry about being a good parent and making sure their baby is properly taken care of. These worries are normal and will fade once you past your baby scientist boards.

At first, babies can seem tricky. They cry. And, as a frazzled, sleep deprived mom sometimes you’re thinking ‘WHY?! WHY are you crying?!?!” A very smart 4 year old once told me she didn’t know why the baby was crying because, “we’re not all baby scientists.” And, as a first time mom, this may ring very true. However, as you spend more time with your baby, you’ll be able to distinguish what each and every cry means. Shortly thereafter, you’ll become a bonafide baby scientist.

A short cry may mean “I’m hungry” or a quiet cry may mean “I’m sleepy”. As you bond more with your baby, you will develop a communication system. All certified baby scientists are well versed in this form of communication, or so we’re told.

Of course, as a mom, there will be many other things you’ll worry about. The worries will more than likely change as your little one becomes a big one, but we think getting over the first worry hurdle makes you a champ. And, not just any champ, but a baby scientist champ. Knowing how to make your baby happy and comfortable is important and, to many new moms, a relief. So, to all you baby scientists out there, we tip our hats to you!

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