Working, Pregnant, and Healthy.

October 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

Getting through the work day with a baby on board is not as easy as it seems. Pregnant mommas can have nausea, low energy levels and swelling to name a few. Don’t fret! Just dream of your baby’s sweet face! A few simple tricks will keep you healthy & happy while at work during pregnancy.

Feeling Yucky?

You may not be able to fully escape queasiness at work during pregnancy but there are some things that can help:

  • Take notice and stay clear of certain smells that cause your tummy to flip-flop. Ask for or bring a fan into your work space. It will help keep your area well ventilated and you may be able to re-direct those irritating smells.
  • If you weren’t a snacker pre-pregnancy, snack it up! Foods with little seasoning or strong flavors will work best to curve nausea. Try crackers, pretzels or dry cereal for snacks. For drinks, stick to water but ginger-ale or ginger tea might help too.

Swelling much?

All of that sitting or standing at work can cause your legs and feet to swell during pregnancy. As with other symptoms, frequent breaks and movement can help swelling. Compression can help as well, providing energy and increased circulation to your legs and feet thereby combating swelling and tired, achy legs. If you are new to compression, start with a lighter gradient compression like Preggers 10-15 mmHg compression. As always, check with your doctor – you may need a higher level of compression.

Siestas anyone?

Energy will ebb and flow during pregnancy but most experience low energy during the first and end of the third trimesters. Try to boost energy levels and keep going strong until delivery with these tips:

  • Just a little physical activity at work can do wonders. Rather than calling or emailing a coworker, get up! Park as far away as you can and high-tail it in for a good burst of energy. Walk with co-workers at lunch and eat at your desk – it’s great to get out of the office and catch up with work friends.
  • We have to re-fuel on food throughout the day in order to keep chugging at the daily grind. This is no different for expecting mothers. Quality, moderation and balance are key. Look for foods high in nutrients and energy-boosting substances. Broccoli is an excellent source of beta carotene with vitamin C for energy. Blueberries’ antioxidants stimulate the brain. Foods rich in iron and protein are energy boosters as well. Try red meat, poultry, seafood, leafy green veggies or iron-fortified foods.
  • Get a full nights’ sleep (that’s 8-9 hours) and take breaks as needed at work. Also, closing your door, putting your feet up and closing your eyes for 5 minutes can do wonders for nausea, swelling or fatigue!

Stay calm

Ohm…keep cool and collected during work. If things get stressful, try your best to relax through meditation at your desk, getting out for a quick snack or walk, or visit with a co-worker.

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