Why Preggers?

June 28, 2012

Why not?  All kidding aside, we do often get asked:

how is Preggers different and why should I wear it?

Beyond the obvious reason of awesomeness, Preggers is designed to help you look and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

First, let’s start with our background.  Preggers is a brand of Therafirm.  Therafirm has been making medically correct gradient compression products for over 50 years.  We have some serious street cred – in the compression business at least.  So, that’s our background in a nutshell.

Look and Feel Good with Preggers Maternity Compression HoseNext, how Preggers was born.  Get it – born.  I crack myself up, however, I have been told that laughing at your own jokes is a sign and/or symptom of a poor comic.  Anyway, gradient compression hosiery has long been recommended for pregnant women.  True medical gradient or graduated compression is tightest at the ankle and the pressure gradually decreases up the leg to help promote better circulation, energize tired, achy legs, and reduce and prevent swelling.  Preggers products have a light level, 10-15 mmHg, of compression.  Our products are designed to look smashing and make your legs and feet feel superb!

Traditional maternity compression hosiery is YUCKY.  I will say that again with more emphasis, YUCKY.  Our goal was to create a product that was healthy and not yucky, icky, or loathsome.  We asked moms-to-be for their feedback.  A quick survey about their needs and thoughts on gradient compression during pregnancy and we sent them a sample to try.  Their opinions from the survey and wear testing the product helped shape the Preggers line.  We’re proud that our products were designed by future moms for future moms.  Kinda cool, no?

That brings us to today.  Why Preggers?  Well, it helps you feel great.  Compression during pregnancy helps keeps your legs and looking feeling good.  Our color selection is rockin’ and always expanding – be sure to check out our seasonal colors.  LOVES THEM.  And, our styles and fibers are up to the minute.  We shied away from the traditional YUCKY patterns and fibers.  So, that’s why Preggers in our opinion.  We’d love to yours!